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Unmatched Fire Protection Service, Products, and Expertise

Located just outside of Waco, the Impact Fire branch in Lorena, TX is experienced in all areas of fire protection. Our highly trained and certified technicians design, install, inspect, and maintain fire protection and suppression systems in commercial, industrial, municipal, and retail businesses, as well as in military and mining (MSHA) applications. Our capabilities range from single story fire alarm applications to the most complex systems such as fully networked campuses with 100+ panels.

Our well-established fire sprinkler department has over 100 years experience installing, servicing, and inspecting all types of fire sprinkler systems, standpipes, fire pumps, and backflow devices. As a distributor of FCI Gamewell and Ansul fire equipment, we’re dedicated to the highest quality product offerings and services for our customers. Our technicians are deeply knowledgeable, highly trained, and available 24/7 to cover you even in emergency situations.

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