Providing Fire and Life Safety Services to Protect Your Industrial and Energy Facility

Fire and life safety services in industrial facility

Industrial and energy facilities work with unique processes, chemicals, equipment, and environments where a high level of care, knowledge, and collaboration are required. Impact Fire’s licensed technicians work lockstep with your in-house team to develop a comprehensive industrial fire suppression plan that includes the design, installation, maintenance, inspection, repair, and monitoring of all fire and life safety systems. A fully tailored fire protection strategy for your industrial facility encompasses your unique production and safety requirements to ensure maximum facility efficiency and occupant safety.

We have deep expertise in providing fire and life safety solutions for the most challenging and demanding industrial applications. We help protect industrial and energy buildings including: manufacturing facilities, cold storage buildings, warehouses, data centers, and various types of power plants (nuclear, wind, solar, hydroelectric, chemical, coal-fired, geothermal etc.).

Fire protection in energy facility

Whether it’s a simple inspection, a complicated repair, or a new installation, Impact Fire’s responsive team of dedicated fire protection professionals will quickly develop a customized program to ensure your industrial and energy facility remains in compliance and is ready for any fire life safety emergency if and when it occurs.

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Special Hazards Fire Protection

You can count on Impact Fire to provide your employees and facility with complete fire suppression and detection systems, portable fire extinguishers, and preventative maintenance plans specifically designed for industrial equipment and flammable fuels. Our trained licensed technicians have decades of experience working with special hazard fire protection including:

  • Clean agent suppression systems
  • Dry chemical fire suppression systems
  • Gaseous fire suppression systems
  • Foam fire suppression systems
Special hazards fire protection in energy facility

Ensuring Safe and Productive Industrial and Energy Environments with Cost-Effective Fire Protection Services

Fire safety in industrial facility


  • Sophisticated special hazard fire protection products, including fire suppression/detection systems, extinguishing agents, and portable fire extinguishers
  • Single point of contact for all fire and life safety systems
  • Tailored service plan to fit your unique business needs
  • Certified technicians fluent in NFPA standards, ensuring deep expertise of the field
  • Intelligent mobile technology for advanced real-time reporting and analysis
  • Remain AHJ compliant with consistent and proactive preventative maintenance

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