Backflow Devices

Impact Fire protects the earth’s water supply by providing commercial and industrial facilities with complete backflow prevention services, including design, installations, inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance.

A backflow preventer must be tested and certified annually. The exact requirements for backflow preventers can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Impact’s experience and knowledge of AHJ, NFPA, and local codes allow us to keep you in compliance, no matter your location.

Whether you need to install backflow preventers in your commercial property or schedule routine maintenance or testing, Impact Fire is the company you can count on to ensure backflow preventer functionality and regulatory compliance.

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Backflow Services

Backflow Preventer Installation

Backflow preventer specialists are OSHA-trained and well-versed in local AHJ requirements across the country, ensuring NFPA 13 compliant installations with minimal disruption to your business. Trained technicians have deep expertise in installing backflow devices for all types of fire sprinkler systems in commercial and industrial facilities, including: 

Backflow Preventer Testing and Inspections

Annual backflow preventer inspections are critical to the continued function of your device. Technicians conduct annual backflow preventer testing to ensure each component is in good condition, moves freely, operates correctly, and adheres to requirements from the local water purveyor or city.

  • Annual inspections 
  • Forward-flow and main drain test
  • Robust inspection documentation 
  • Testing for all types of backflow prevention assemblies

Backflow Preventer Repair and Replacement

Since backflow preventers are under constant water pressure, they are susceptible to failure and need replacement or repair to uphold the integrity of our water supply. Impact Fire offers complete preventative maintenance services, including repair and replacement, to guarantee your equipment meets performance and compliance requirements.

  • Repairs and component replacement
  • 24/7/365 rapid-response emergency services
  • Comprehensive reporting, including recommendations for corrective actions

Benefits Of Partnering With Backflow Device Experts

Fire and building code consulting services

Fire sprinkler backflow preventers

Domestic backflows preventers

Repairs and replacement

Customized service plan to fit your business needs

24/7 support from a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company

Backflow Device Maintenance Schedule

Every Year

  • Determine if the backflow preventer is in service and in satisfactory condition
  • Identify conditions that could compromise performance 
  • Perform backflow preventer testing using an approved and calibrated meter.
  • Conduct a forward-flow with main drain test or existing flushing connections
  • Receive annual inspection and certification documentation

Every Five Years

  • Inspect pressure device, o-rings, rubber gaskets, and double-check valves

Backflow Device FAQ

1. What is a backflow device?

A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that ensures water systems such as a fire sprinkler system flows in a single direction. These one-way devices are critical in keeping potable and non-potable water from mixing.

2. Why does my building need a backflow device?

Municipal governments require backflow prevention when a potable water source supplies the fire protection system. Your building needs backflow preventers to prevent harmful contaminants and chemicals from polluting public drinking water via back siphonage and back pressure.

3. Does the sprinkler backflow preventer require testing?

Backflow preventers typically require annual inspections and testing. Your local AHJ, NFPA, and plumbing codes determine testing requirements. During testing, water is manipulated through the backflow device to ensure that check valves close and that relief valves open. A backflow preventer test usually takes about 15 minutes to conduct.

4. Does the water supply need to be shut off during a backflow test?

Yes. However, your water will shut off for only a few minutes. If your business requires uninterrupted water flow, backflow specialists will test one device simultaneously (where applicable) to allow other systems to remain in service. To accommodate businesses with unique water requirements, Impact Fire will make testing arrangements to minimize business disruptions, including conducting tests after business hours.

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