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Impact Fire implements intelligent business security systems for any size company in any industry nationwide. Whether you have a single retail store or an expansive industrial campus, we can design and install access control, intrusion alarms, and video surveillance systems tailored to meet your security needs. Our rapid-response central station monitoring services provide 24/7 monitoring of security alarm signals to ensure emergencies are immediately addressed, even when no one is present.

With over a decade of experience, best-in-class technical knowledge, and a passion for unparalleled customer support, Impact Fire has a range of advanced security technology and solutions to protect your facility against intrusion, theft, and any other security-related emergency.

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Commercial Security Services





Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance



Benefits of Partnering with Commercial Security Experts

Detailed reporting

AHJ consultations

Remodels and upgrades

Customized service plan to fit your business needs

Licensed project managers fluent in NFPA standards

24/7 support from a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company

Business Security Capabilities

Access Control

Conveniently monitor defined areas with versatile access control systems. For added security and convenience, keyless entry can be granted to authorized visitors using RFID technology, PINs, facial recognition, or biometric scans.

  • Extensive management reports
  • Automatic locking and unlocking capabilities
  • Seamless system integration (fire alarm, security system, CCTV)
  • Simplified access management for entryways, elevators, gates, and parking garages

Video Surveillance Systems

Keep a watchful eye on your facility from anywhere, at any time, with robust video surveillance systems. With 24/7 video recording capabilities, you can capture events, record documentation of crime, and provide proof in an insurance claim.

  • Automated alerts
  • Remote viewing
  • Digital video recording
  • Intelligent motion detection and facial recognition

Intrusion Alarm System

Strengthen your business security with a commercial intrusion alarm solution. Sophisticated sensors, including motion detectors, contacts, glass break detectors, and temperature switches, help detect unauthorized intruders and eliminate false alarms.

  • Video alarm verification
  • Entry and exit time delay
  • 24/7 monitoring from UL-listed central station
  • Remote access (LAN, WAN, intranet, or internet)

Business Security Systems FAQ

1. Will a business security system lower my insurance costs?

Yes – most insurance providers offer discounts to businesses with monitored security systems as they are less likely to file insurance claims for break-ins, thefts, and other security-related incidents. In some cases, the cost savings from lowered insurance premiums will cover installation costs.

2. What are the advantages of having a dual fire and security system?

No matter the scale of your business—whether it’s a single commercial location or a network of campuses—every organization needs a fire alarm system and a security system. When these two services are integrated and monitored uniformly, they become safer, easier to use, and more cost-efficient in the long run.

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