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Dedicated to Protecting Businesses and Lives

Based 40 miles North of Miami, the Impact Fire branch in Pompano Beach, FL services businesses from West Palm Beach to Key West with comprehensive fire prevention, protection, and suppression. Together with our Orlando location, we serve Florida’s Atlantic coast communities with excellent service and industry expertise.

We offer the sale, inspection, and service of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency lighting systems, and more across commercial, industrial, military, municipal, restaurant, retail applications. As a trusted Fike distributor, we have the experience and product to install clean agent fire suppression systems to protect your most valuable equipment. Our highly-trained and talented team of fire protection professionals are well-versed in code compliance and will ensure your business is completely protected.

Have confidence in Impact Fire Pompano Beach to find the fire protection, suppression, and life safety plan that is best for your business.

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