Fire Extinguisher Training, Inspection, and Recharge for Commercial Properties in Winston-Salem, NC

Impact Fire provides fire extinguisher installation, training, inspection, and recharge services to commercial and industrial facilities in or near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, from Salisbury to Abbots Creek, Reidsville to Bethania, and more.

Experienced technicians will help you determine and install the correct type and the appropriate number of portable fire extinguishers for your facility. We inspect and maintain devices and teach employees how to use hand-operated fire extinguishers effectively, ensuring compliance with minimal disruption to your business.

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Fire Extinguisher Installation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Readily accessible and fully functional portable fire extinguishers protect occupants, prevent property damage, and ensure regulatory compliance. We complete a site assessment to match fire extinguisher type, size, and placement to your facility’s needs, ensuring you have suitable equipment installed to protect your property. Highly trained technicians install all types of fire extinguishers with precision and professionalism including ABC powder, carbon dioxide, wet chemical, water mist, foam, and clean agent.

With over 200 years of experience, our certified technicians have deep expertise installing fire extinguishers for the following industries:

Discover the full extent of industries serviced throughout Winston-Salem, NC.

Fire Extinguisher Training in Winston-Salem, NC

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prohibits employees from using fire extinguishers unless they’ve had the appropriate training. At Impact Fire, we offer a number of fire extinguisher training classes to help personnel gain the hands-on technical training needed to ensure proper use of the equipment and workplace safety.

Here are a few of our class options:

  • Bullex and Classroom Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fuel Fire & Dry chemical Fire School
  • Advanced Fire Training for the Fire Professional
  • Kitchen Live Fire Extinguisher/Suppression System Training
  • R.A.C.E. Training for the Healthcare industry

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing in Winston-Salem

Fire extinguishers must be inspected monthly by professional technicians to comply with NFPA 10 and state fire codes. Certified technicians conduct thorough inspections to ensure commercial and industrial properties in Winston-Salem, NC have fire extinguishers that are up to code and in full working condition.

On the confirmed inspection date, our fire extinguisher specialists will arrive promptly to conduct the following tasks:

  • Replace the locking pin and reseal the extinguisher
  • Inspect the valve and shell for damage or corrosion
  • Check the valve opening for powder or any foreign matter
  • Examine the date of manufacture, last hydrotest & six-year maintenance date
  • Determine if the extinguisher is properly hung with the proper manufacturer’s hanger
  • Deliver a complete report of the inspection explaining any deficiencies and recommending corrective action

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC

Once inspection and tests are completed, our highly trained technicians determine if your fire extinguishers require preventative maintenance (PM) to fix any critical issues. Building owners and property managers can save valuable time and money by addressing their fire and security needs with one Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA).

In addition to annual maintenance, our fire extinguisher specialists will perform the following preventative measures to ensure continual equipment functionality and regulatory compliance:

  • Every five years – Hydrostatic test on carbon dioxide and water-based extinguishers.
  • Every six years – Maintenance of stored-pressure extinguishers.
  • Every 12 years – Hydrostatic test on stored pressure and cartridge-operated extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge in Winston-Salem, NC

An undercharged, expired, or depressurized fire extinguisher can endanger the lives of your personnel and the surrounding property. Impact Fire recharges all different types of fire extinguishers to help commercial and industrial facilities meet state codes, OSHA requirements, and insurance company recommendations.

Our trained technicians will promptly recharge your fire extinguishers:

  • Immediately after each use
  • Periodically throughout their life
  • When leaks and depressurization occurs

Schedule Fire Extinguisher Services in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

As a licensed fire protection company with extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations, our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 to help you determine the appropriate portable fire extinguisher for your particular needs, ensuring compliance with minimal disruption to your business. From routine inspections to large-scale recharging, Impact Fire Winston-Salem is North Carolina’s #1 trusted fire extinguisher service provider.

Contact your local district office if you have any questions specific to your fire extinguishers or would like to learn more about scheduling a routine maintenance check.

Impact Fire also provides fire protection services in the following North Carolina cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Abbots Creek
  • Asheboro
  • Bethania
  • Belews Creek
  • Davidson County
  • Graham
  • Guilford County
  • High Point
  • Lewisville
  • Oak Ridge
  • Reidsville
  • Randolph County
  • Rural Hall
  • Salem Chapel
  • Salisbury
  • Statesville
  • Walkertown
  • Winston-Salem
  • And More

Learn more about the additional fire protection services we offer in Winston-Salem, NC.

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