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Fire sprinklers save lives. Well-maintained and functioning fire sprinkler systems are an integral part of a company’s overall fire safety plan. With over 200 years of industry experience, Impact Fire provides complete fire sprinkler services to commercial and industrial facilities in or near Raleigh, North Carolina, from Apex to Wake Forest, Chapel Hill to Durham, and more.

Impact Fire’s trained technicians help business owners and property managers design, install, inspect, and monitor all types of fire sprinkler systems to keep their staff and property safe. We also provide preventative maintenance services to guarantee your equipment meets performance requirements.

Our fire sprinkler specialists are well versed in NFPA codes and local AHJ requirements across the country, ensuring fire and life safety compliance with minimal disruption to your business.

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Fire Sprinkler Design in Raleigh, NC

A fire sprinkler that is properly designed will mitigate damage and use the proper agent to put out fires quickly, reducing damage and saving lives. At Impact Fire, we utilize advanced 3D CAD software to design fire sprinkler systems that fit other trades and best compliments each customer’s unique building requirements. 3D CAD capabilities enable our technicians to virtually analyze and coordinate your building’s fire sprinkler system before construction, ensuring properties comply with NFPA 25, local fire marshal codes and are ready for fire and life safety emergencies if and when they occur.

Our certified technicians have deep expertise designing fire sprinkler systems for the following industries:

Discover the full extent of industries serviced in Raleigh, NC.

Fire Sprinkler Installation in Raleigh, NC

Business owners face millions of dollars in damages each year due to fires. As a licensed fire protection company with extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local regulations, Impact Fire will help you install the appropriate fire sprinkler system for your particular needs. Trained technicians will conduct a site assessment to determine what type of fire sprinkler system is most suitable for the hazards present in your environment to ensure the utmost degree of protection.

We provide commercial and industrial facilities installation services for all types of fire sprinkler systems, including:

  • Wet pipe
  • Dry Pipe
  • Deluge
  • Pre-action (single interlocked, double interlocked, and non-interlocked systems)

Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing in Raleigh, NC

Fire sprinkler inspection and testing are essential to ensure compliance, proper function, and the longevity of your system. Commercial and industrial businesses can remain confident that their fire sprinklers will function at peak efficiency in an emergency with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and five-year inspections conducted by our certified technicians.

On the confirmed inspection date, our fire sprinkler specialists will arrive promptly to conduct the following tasks:

  • Identify conditions that could compromise the performance of the mechanical and electrical components of the system.
  • Inspect for adequate clearance, condition, and position of the sprinkler heads to allow for proper distribution and activation.
  • Inspect the sprinkler control valves for proper position, condition, accessibility, and appropriate signage.
  • Test all low-pressure alarms, supervisory circuits, and auxiliary functions for proper operation.
  • Compile a complete report of the inspection, including explanations of any deficiencies and recommendations for any corrective actions in accordance with local codes and fire standards.

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair in Raleigh, NC

A well-maintained fire sprinkler system can help suppress smoke and flames and lessen the spread of the fire, reducing damages and giving everyone time to exit the building safely while fire services arrive.

If a routine inspection uncovers fire sprinkler problems, businesses can rely on our trained technicians to conduct vital preventive maintenance to sustain peak performance. Our certified technicians are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for preventative maintenance and emergency repairs. Even if we did not design and install your sprinkler system, our dedicated professional technicians are always on-call to provide you with rapid response maintenance services.

We can extend the life of your system and improve its reliability with fire sprinkler maintenance services, including:

  • Nitrogen corrosion control services
  • Repairs and component replacement
  • 24/7/365 rapid-response emergency services
  • Thorough maintenance reporting, including deficiency explanations and recommendations for corrective actions
  • Professional maintenance of all types of fire sprinkler systems (wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge systems, etc.)

Fire Sprinkler Monitoring in Raleigh, NC

Minimizing emergency response times can make all the difference in saving lives. At Impact Fire, we provide around-the-clock fire sprinkler monitoring services, ensuring commercial and industrial properties remain safe and secure. Your monitored fire sprinkler system will quickly relay any alarm signal to our monitoring center in a fire-related emergency. Our highly trained operators will notify first responders of the situation and send them to your location within minutes.

Impact Fire offers a variety of fire sprinkler monitoring solutions for all types of fire-related scenarios by observing the following alarm signals daily:

  • Alarm – Notification of system activation.
  • System Functionality – Notification of decreased performance.
  • System Disabled – Notification to reset systems.
  • Power Failure – Notification of power blackout or disruption.
  • Supervisory Signals – Notification of sprinkler valve, compressor, and duct detector issues.

Fire Sprinkler Design, Installation, Inspection & Monitoring in Raleigh, North Carolina

Impact Fire is Raleigh, NC’s #1 trusted fire sprinkler company. As your dedicated fire and security partner, we are committed to preserving life and property. We provide the highest quality service through unparalleled customer support and best-in-class technical knowledge.

From routine fire sprinkler inspections to large-scale replacements, commercial and industrial businesses can rely on our experienced technicians to keep their fire sprinklers maintained and within code.

Contact your local district office if you have any questions specific to your fire sprinkler system or would like to learn more about scheduling an inspection.

Impact Fire also provides fire protection services in the following cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Apex
  • Bartons Creek
  • Buckhorn
  • Cary
  • Carrboro
  • Clayton
  • Chapel Hill
  • Chatham County
  • Durham
  • Dunn
  • Garner
  • Henderson
  • Holly Springs
  • Knightdale
  • Morrisville
  • Sanford
  • Smithfield
  • Wake Forest
  • Wake County
  • Wendell
  • Wilson
  • And More

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